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The best foods for muscle increase

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Fitness, Health |

The best foods for muscle increase

fitness-iasi-oxygen-sport-tatarasiGaining muscle mass may seem easy to people when they see bodybuilders on TV, and hear their stories. But you should know that it is not all that simple because beside regular trainings, you also need to harmonize your nutrition and HGH intake in order to gain results in muscle growth.

HGH is a supplement, so it means that you do need to eat oridinary food anyway. This is logical but some people may think that it is enough to take HGH only and to gain results. So, what to eat is eternal question for all gym-fanatics and amateur bodybuilders. Here are some answers.

During the gaining of muscle mass, you need to take care of a healthy diet. Eat enough proteins –  1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight per day. Include both complex and simple carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits since they are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Best food for muscle growth


Yogurt is full of calcium and vitamin D. It also contains protein of the muscle development and probiotics that help in the process of digestion. Grained cheese is rich in protein also. One cup of the cheese has about 35 grams of proteins. It also contains a lot of casein, a great source of amino acids, and carbohydrates. Due to the prolonged release of a protein, it is a great choice for night-time muscle recovery.

Turkey and chicken have about 15 grams of protein per 50 grams of the meat. You can try many recipes that are made with grilled chicken, combined with different vegetables and spices. Beef also contains a lot of proteins. It is also full of iron, zinc and creatine.

egg_chefEggs are the symbol of nutrients and they are also a good source of choline that enhances the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Fish is full of high-quality protein. Also it is rich in omega-3 fat acids and other important vitamins.

Beans, especially black, is rich in vitamins A, B, K ad C, and it has a small amount of saturated fat. It has a high content of protein and fiber (up to 15 grams of fiber and protein per cup). Beans supplies you with the complex carbohydrates that are perfect for building muscles.

Nuts fruits are the perfect snack for your muscles. They’re full of healthy fats, protein and fiber. And easy to take with you wherever you go.

Olive oil is packed with omega-3 fats that represent the main tool keeping the health of the heart in the good shape. It also has anti-inflammatory effect.

Spinach is full of calcium and vitamins. Spinach is great for relaxing muscles and cramp prevention.

Apples are an excellent choice for the time after exercise, an excellent source of simple carbohydrates, electrolytes and fiber. Apples are very tasty and can be brought easily wherever you go.

Bananas have perfect types of sugar, which are recommended for use before or after the training. They are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, fiber and nutrients.

Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

A Few Things To Know About Genf20 Plus

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in HGH |

Nowadays you don’t have to be completely helpless when it comes to the Growth Hormone production. Since the world has discovered its importance in the human body, there are a number of enhancing supplements available in the market. These are synthesized especially to boost the release of HGH in your body. One of them is GenF20.GenF20 Plus

Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. HGH is required for cell growth and regeneration. The natural production of HGH in your body starts to decline after you hit the age of 30. This contributes to aging and the problems that come with it. This article is a thorough GenF20 review so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Have You Heard Of Genf20?

GenF20 and GenF20 Plus are recommended HGH enhancing supplements on many websites. These pills contain the necessary composition to help you in recovering the HGH level that you had in your youth.

This product has a dedicated official website. You can check it out before deciding to buy it. Leading Edge Marketing sells it.

How Does It Work?

According to the official website, GenF20 Plus has the correct ingredients like amino acids and vitamins in appropriate amounts to significantly affect your pituitary gland.

They also require you to take up to 4 pills per day. This makes the dosage more than most of the other companies’ products.

How Is It Different From Other Supplements?

There are some major differences between this product and the others available in the market.

One of this is that GenF20 Plus HGH releaser brings you the highest level of absorption to experience maximum results. This is because of the enteric coating, traditionally used with expensive medications.

Rare in an enhancing supplement; enteric coating ensures that the chief components reach the proper absorption place before getting released.

The Oral Spray

oral sprayIf you want an additional power to your HGH production, the company that makes GenF20 Plus also produces an oral spray.

This GenF20 Plus oral spray has Alpha GPC in it. They claim health benefits like reduced risk of heart diseases and increase in cognitive function with the continued use of this spray along with the pills.

Anti Ageing And GenF20

anti aging

Based on research, the company that sells this product claims to restore not only your health but also your physical beauty.

HGH is known to help in reducing the effects of aging. This is the idea behind the company’s claim.

They have listed the benefits like increased muscle mass, better skin and weight loss on their website.

Some Confirmed Pros

The real results of GenF20 Plus will only be apparent to you after you have actually used it.

Reviews such as this will only help you in deciding whether to try or not. However, here are the facts that you must surely consider –

  • HGH certainly helps in increasing muscle mass.
  • It improves metabolic processes.
  • HGH enhancing Supplements are better than direct injections with regard to side effects.

The people who have already tried have given mostly good reviews to GenF20 and GenF20 Plus on the Internet.

Does This HGH Enhancing Supplement Help In Body Building?

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone gives a major boost to body builders. Through exercise and good diet plan, you can naturally boost your HGH level. Supplements like GenF20 can help you in various ways, but they must be used judiciously.

Consulting a doctor is also strongly recommended.

User Reviewed Benefits

On the official website of GenF20 Plus, you can find user reviews. They write about the benefits that this product has brought into their lives.

Some of them are better energy throughout the day, superior skin tone. Some even write that after using GenF20 Plus, they have increased sex drive and improved mental health.

It is up to you to believe these. You can only know that the product works full proof is someone close to you has used and recommended it.

The Cons That You May Encounter

It works differently on different persons, so you may not experience the benefits at all.

Implementing HGH releasers in daily life may have side effects on some people

The cost might be on the higher side.

GenF20 and GenF20 Plus have a return policy, but it may be too short considering they are daily supplements.



There are many ways in which supplements can lure you. But you must research everything before buying.

Some of the products marketed as pills to improve overall health or as weight loss supplements may not be legal at all.

Keep an eye on the fine print. Choose the products that are FDA approved.


If you really want to see if the plus points of HGH work out by taking GenF20 Plus, then go for it.

Buy the original GenF20 HGH enhancing supplement and products on the official website so that you don’t fall prey to frauds.

However, see to it that you don’t end up wasting too much money on something that may not even work for you.

How To Stay Fit and Healthy Easily in the 21st Century

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Health |

The task is real and hard—maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. The idea of making the right choice hardly crosses our minds. Not when all the tempting fast food chains lurk around. But a little self control is the main key to staying healthy.

Live Healthy and Happy

Staying fit should become a habit and one should enjoy it. As you get into the routine, you definitely will! We know it very well— hitting the gym regularly, skipping fried foods especially during the weekends—all seem like an uphill task at first.

However, soon you will get into the mode and it will all come naturally. Here are a few tips for you.

All You Need at First is Planning

plan your routine

Before everything, plan it first. Plan how you want to put taking care of yourself into your daily routine. Practicing yoga and meditation bring in peace and harmony. It also relaxes the mind to be able to handle various day to day mundane tasks.

This will help you ‘stay’ on track should you feel the urge to ‘stray’. For instance, learn to see mashed potatoes and boiled chicken as your savior from cholesterol. You will be surprised at your transformation.

Similarly, see the treadmill as your guide to looking great in the mirror. A paunch, a pair of flabby hands is not a good sight at all. Exercising on at least five days of the week helps one to remain fit and healthy.

The Little Steps to Help You Get There

baby steps one at a time

What is a human made of?

The answer: food.

So, staying healthy has a lot to do with our diet. As it is said, food can either make or break a person. Having as much raw food as possible helps the intake of antioxidants in our body. Antioxidants are important for a healthy glowing skin and also for our internal organs.

Alongside, make working out on free-hands exercises, as soon as you wake up, a daily habit. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach helps a lot in losing weight. Make stretching a daily habit as soon as you wake up in the morning. This not only helps in waking you up but it also helps in the flow of oxygen to all the cells in our body.

We are living in a fast paced world but just these small little actions actually go a long way in keeping the body healthy in the long run. I am sure it is going to be worth it.

Have a Bowl Full of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as Salad

salad bowl

These are packed with minerals and essential vitamins. Added as a bonus—fresh breath. Munch on a bowl of these as a salad. They help you fix your breath from the vitamin C.

Fruits and veggies that you can add—

  • All those berries: blueberries, cranberries, strawberries
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • Carrots and turnips
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, etc.

Low Fat, Lean Protein Should Be In

lean protein

For a balanced diet, you should include all kinds of food dieticians put on a pyramid. Proteins will help you build your muscles, nice and strong.

  • Low-fat dairy means double-toned milk, low-fat cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc.
  • More chicken and less red meat, lean beef, pork—none fried.
  • Get your Omega 3’s from the nuts and healthy oils
  • Say no to fried chicken. They bring nothing but trouble, especially around your belly.

People of the 21st century actually run miles away from fat but little do they know that fats are good for the body. Of course, too much of it is not. It helps in keeping the brain active.

At a later age it also helps in keeping joint pains at bay. Consuming healthy fats also keeps the skin glowing otherwise it can lead to acute dry skin.

Know the right balance of the intake of these fats and you will be better off.

Water, Water, Lots of Water

stay hydrated

It’s ideal to drink about 6-8 tumblers of water. Not only will that give you a glowing skin, but your inner organs will glow too. As we know that our body is made up of seventy-five percent of water, it is highly important to stay well hydrated.

Lack of water can put pressure on the liver which can lead to various liver diseases. Also, dehydration can adversely affect the kidneys. The stomach too needs water to help in digesting the food we consume.


Sleep On Time, Workout

sleep on time

And quit smoking and abusing on substances—for Heaven’s Sake.

Give yourself a month. Survive without these habits. You will make it. Mind control is the key here. Have self-control and you will succeed in overcoming these ill habits. You will be at peace…
…like never before.

Importance of Human Growth Hormone 

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Bodybuilding, Health, HGH |

Human Growth Hormone


Doctors and many specialists in that subject say that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is very important fact in the endocrine system. In our younger ages, we produce this hormone, which is important for our many life functions. It’s not just that HGH is helping us with our growth in height. Human growth hormone is responsible for improving our blood flow. Also, bones are stronger if you have more HGH. So this term isn’t just used for bodybuilding purposes. It affects us more than you know. But, as we get older, human growth hormone starts to decline.

nutropin-hgh-penShortage of HGH begins in our middle 20s and just when we finished with puberty, we have a new problem in our lives. So if you ever began to feel much older  in your 20s, it would be due HGH’s decrease. However, with the advance of out technologies, medicine has made a huge progress as well. So if you have a shortage of HGH you can increase it simply by using an injection of HGH. Frequent studies showed us that this so-called substitute treatment can be good for us. So if you start to feel stressed and become more emotionally fragile, amongst the physical changes that you are noticing, go and seek help and find a doctor who will prescribe you this sort of therapy. It can be very beneficial for you. However, if you are untrustworthy, and believe that mother nature gives you all the answers for your health, there are different methods. You can use Natural human growth hormone. And when I say that, I mean that you could manually start creation of HGH in your body. How? Well let me explain it to you, as someone who done his homework.

First, get some sleep. People who don’t sleep more than eight hours are having less chance for natural production of HGH. Then high-intensity practices can be helpful as well.

widget_boyAbout these high intensity workouts –  you should talk to some professional athlete or gym instructor. You shouldn’t exaust yourself but rather set a good training program.  Then, take as much vitamin D as you like. If you don’t know what substances contain vitamin d, ask some nutritionist, but I can say to you that fish contains a lot of vitamin d. To be more specific, salmon, tuna and sardines. Love em or hate em, they are very good for you. Don’t forget that you have also a substance called melatonin. After usage of this substance, the percentage of HGH level is enormous. Also, don’t eat sugar! That rule is strict one but I already said that you should avoid carbs. Still, we couldn’t exclude sugar from our lives, but you should exclude sugar after trainings at least. Usage of sugar after training can directly stop production of your HGH. We spoke about melatonin, but you should consider glutamine as well. This is amino acid that, if we believe some researchers from Louisiana, creates more HGH levels in your body. Use it after training, or before sleeping.

These are just some of the things that will improve growth of HGH in your body, naturally. It is up to you which way you will improve your HGH.


Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Bodybuilding |

1207260901LakhraFitness is a very important segment of being healthy, since fit and proportional body is a sure sign of a healthy individual.

This does not have to be the case every time, but it is very likely, and there are numerous studies which illustrate that strong correlation between being obese and overweight and living shortly or developing serious health problems. People have realized that exercise is good for our health even at the dawn of human kind, and we all know how important was that cult of healthy

body and athleticism in ancient and classical civilizations and cultures, such as Greece, Sparta or Roman Empire. Nowadays, people exercise in modern and comfortable gyms, with sophisticated machines and with rigorous and highly precise plans and programs, but the basic principle remains the same: work hard and put a lot of effort and the results will be there.


When it comes to benefits which come directly from bodybuilding and strength training, they can be seen on different levels – on a strictly physical level and on a mental level as well. Of course, our body cannot function properly if one of these segments is not working as it should be, but we can separate them for pragmatic purposes of this article only.

bodybuilder-right-pngOur body can benefit from bodybuilding in numerous ways, but most important one is the prevention of certain diseases and the control of our weight. Coronary heart disease is very common in today’s society and fitness can do wonders in preventing this dangerous condition, but bodybuilding can also help to reduce high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol. Once our blood is healthy our entire organism can function more efficiently, and other organs can take advantage of this fact as well. Also, regular strength training can do wonders for our bone density, and it is also beneficial for the condition of our joints and ligaments, which are sensitive but can become stronger through regular exercise. Better bone density is especially valuable as we grow older and it can greatly help in the prevention of osteoporosis and similar conditions. Additionally, better posture usually comes with bodybuilding, as those guys take great care of the way in which they perform their exercises.

On the other hand, there are numerous benefits when it comes to mental condition of an individual, since good fitness can result in much better confidence and it can give a strong boost in the self-esteem area.

People who are satisfied with the way they look are usually more open and easy going, and this reflects on many areas of human activity and interaction. It has been scientifically proven that regular exercise and strong effort are releasing endorphins in our brain, and this little chemical is so important since ti makes us happy and relaxed. This means that bodybuilding can make you loose stress, anxiety or depression in a very short time, and a visit to your local gym can save you from multiple visits to a therapist or to a doctor’s office.

The Benefits of Bodybuilding

Foods that can substitute HGH 

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Health, HGH |

broccoliforfatreducingIf you were asked a question did you use HGH, 90% of you would be stunned and wouldn’t know to answer it. First, you don’t know what HGH stands for. Well if you want to know, HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. Probably you will say no because you connect this thing to bodybuilding. Sure, people in bodybuilding use HGH, but not just they use it. You all should know that HGH is an important part of our endocrine system.

When we are young, we produce this hormone by ourselves which is important for our life functions. It’s not just that HGH is helping us with our growth. Human growth hormone is responsible for strengthening our bones and improving our circulation.

12749But, if people know this, why doesn’t everybody take human growth hormone? Although, researches tells us that there are more positive things about this hormone than the negative ones, usage can be different for different people. For example, if you use HGH and you have high testosterone, you could have side effects because of correlation of this two hormones. However, people of science think about you too. There are no such things as natural human growth hormone. But with some food, you will increase the level of your HGH naturally. Some food can affect your human growth hormone, by using it properly. And what these foods are, you’ll see here.

Pineapple: If you eat it before sleeping, increasing will come.

Fava Beans: While eating this, you’ll create more dopamine in your organism and that affects your HGH.

Coconut Oil: You will already see the result within an hour of taking this nutritional valued oil.

Eggs: If you didn’t know that eggs are healthy, then you didn’t know anything about food and health. When we talk about eggs, then we could say that HGH is irrelevant. Eggs are important for our organism because it contains more than five vitamins and most of amino-acids.


Raw chocolate: Not to be confused with chocolate that contains milk. Sure both are good for this subject but together, not so much. So all those chocolates, which you can buy at the market, doesn’t help us on this subject. But raw chocolate is the real deal. Scientifically is important because it contains tryptophan and that is important for our HGH problem and also helps you with sleeping. So you can say that this is like killing a two flies with one shot. And speaking of raw and milk…

Raw milk: If you didn’t know many bodybuilders used raw milk as a supplement before supplements were even available. So this doesn’t require further explanation.

Parmesan: When you see parmesan here on this list, that shouldn’t be your excuse to go and order your favorite pasta Bolognese, which is much tastier with this type of cheese.


These are just some foods that can produce your HGH naturally. As I said, you could use it as a substitute for your human growth hormone but only if usage of original HGH affects you wrong.

Benefits of creatine 

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Bodybuilding, Health |

Creatine is certainly one of the most popular dietary supplements taken by all those who want to increase muscle. It is also one of the most tested ones, but there are still plenty of people who are concerned about adding creatine to their dietary regimen.

item_20140722_171412_1406038452Even though creatine is taken by professional and recreational athletes mostly for the sake of building muscle, this supplement has by no means only one benefit for the body. The studies have shown other benefits of creatine not only to the muscles, but to the other aspects of body and health.

The first and the most famous benefit of creatine is that it helps muscle growth. This supplement help increase the level of human growth hormone, which is essential for building muscle, but only for muscle recovery after the workout. In addition to the benefit for the muscles and help in weight-lifting exercises, creatine also improves performance in aerobic exercises. This means that not only bodybuilding-oriented athletes can benefit from this supplement, but it can also help endurance athletes such as cyclists and marathon racers.

Creatine reduces inflammation processes and helps repairing damaged cells, which is of great help for athletes of all types. This means that those who take creatine suffer less from sore muscles, and their muscles will regenerate and heal more quickly after intense workout.

creatine-fact-and-fiction_05In addition to the benefits you can see after training, creatine is also shown to increase bone mineral density. This is especially useful for women, who begin losing bone density rapidly during and after menopause, due to the reduced levels of estrogen. Naturally, increased bone density is beneficial for both sexes of athletes, since it reduces the danger of fractures and bone injuries during workout.

Creatine also boosts glucose metabolism, which is an essential factor for fighting and preventing type 2 diabetes. Physical activity has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and improve glucose metabolism, thus maintaining the insulin levels on optimal level. However, including creatine in your diet plan increases the synthesis of glycogen and glucose tolerance further, creating an ideal balance and healthy glucose metabolism.

Creatine - What is it and how can you benefit

You can see the benefits of creatine after some time at the gym, but what you cannot see in the mirror is another major benefit of this supplement – it boosts brain performance, improving your cognitive function and increasing your memory. It works the similar way as it does with your muscle cells – creatine helps brain cells grow and regenerate, and thus helps your brain stay healthy and powerful. Some studies have also shown that it protects you from brain injury. The studies have by far been performed on animals, but the results are promising.

Oxidative stress is an unpleasant side effect experienced by all athletes who perform intensive training, no matter if it is weight-lifting or endurance training. Creatine acts as antioxidant, killing free radicals that negatively influence your muscle growth and your overall physical condition. This means that creatine not only helps your muscles build and recover, but you will also benefit from creatine by experiencing overall improvement in health and wellbeing.